Microsoft Programs for Startups and Azure Oope AI

😎 Don't miss out on an exciting webinar about the possibilities of Microsoft software for startups and Azure Open Ai.

🚀 Join us for an exciting webinar where the Microsoft team will talk about the powerful tools and software solutions provided by Microsoft for startups, developers, and independent software vendors (ISVs) on the Azure platform.

The keynote speakers will be:

🎙 Abel Iacovides, Partner Development Advisor - will discuss accelerating your growth through Microsoft programs for startups and ISVs, as well as opportunities on Azure Marketplace

🎙 Levon Hovhannisyan, Senior Partner Technology Strategist, will conduct an introductory course on Azure OpenAi capabilities

Both speakers represent Microsoft, Central Europe. In addition, the following will participate in the webinar:

🎙 Ana Curlic, Azure SMB Sales Manager for ISVs and Digital Natives

🎙 Filip Rehorik, Partner Development Manager

❗️Join our exciting webinar via the link (