MTS StartUp Hub is looking for new solutions in the direction of "Client services"

From July 19 to August 8, we accept applications from technology companies in the following areas:

1) Intelligent communication systems with the client:

– identification and personalized service based on customer contacts;

– storing data about the history of the client's interaction with MTS.

2) Simulator for the adaptation of interns for service in the chat.

3) Solutions for analyzing the flow in offline stores and digitizing data.

4) Services aimed at improving the customer experience, tools for communication with customers, improving the efficiency of online and offline services.

5) Solutions for automation and robotization of business processes of contact centers.

The best startups will be piloted and implemented in two main divisions:

•             MTS Call centers and Support Service

•             MTS retail network

We are looking for projects with confirmed cases, a clear value proposition and a product description. Registration is completed.