The 1st Product Camp in Kazakhstan

ProductCamp - the strongest Product Management community that brings together professionals from different countries in the field of digital technologies and innovations.

Product manager — is responsible for product creation, market analysis, assortment policy, pricing, product promotion, etc. “It is not the person who performs on the stage-everyone is equal at the camp" - Mikhail Karpov, one of the creators of Productamp. Everyone who comes to Camp is already involved in the creation. After all, in addition to reports on current topics, visitors can discuss the topics withinto discussions with the speaker and with each other. This is a proccess of sharing experience and the creation of a community of product managers in your city.

The event will be held in online and offline. By registering for an online visit, the viewer will get access to all the venues that are holding ProductCamp on March 21 - speakers and participants from around the world: San Francisco / Berlin / London / Bangalore

In the offline format, the event will be held in Karaganda at the IT-Hub. Four speakers will present reports on current topics and communicate with the audience. Viewers will also have access to recorded video broadcasts that take place on March 21.

Time: online: 3 pm, offline: 2:20 pm.
Location: Karaganda, Alalykina str. 12, IT-Hub.
Date: March 21th, 2021