Application of biometrics technologies in business, public sector, education, medicine.

Biometric LLP is a startup engaged in biometric identification since 2018, winners of many Kazakhstani and international competitions. Biometric products were used to control the UNT 2021.

On September 20, 2021, at 11 o'clock, Technical Director of Biometric LLP Azamat Galimzhanov will tell us about the use of biometrics technologies in business, state.sector, educational sphere, medicine:

✅ Technology overview. Neural networks and architecture options;

✅ Application in business. Areas of application, best cases, efficiency.

To whom it will be useful: technical specialists and company managers.

📅 When: September 20  
⏰ What time: 11:00  
⚡ Where: Zoom, registration is completed.