RUSAGRO TECH CHALLENGE Competition of innovative projects and technologies

The Skolkovo Foundation and Rusagro, Russia's leading agricultural holding, continue accepting applications for the RUSAGRO TECH CHALLENGE competition for innovative projects and technologies, which can become an entry point to the market for industry startups.

Applications are accepted until October 20.

"Rusagro" is a leading vertically integrated agricultural holding in Russia, managing the crop, fat and oil, meat and sugar business. The geography of the company's assets includes 12 subjects of the Russian Federation. The products are sold in 62 countries under 23 retail brands.

The purpose of the competition is to search for innovative projects and technologies for integration into Rusagro's production processes

Why to participate:

  • The possibility of building long-term cooperation with Rusagro
  • Working with leading industry experts
  • Mentoring from experts of the Skolkovo Foundation and Rusagro specialists
  • According to the results of the competition, the winners will get the opportunity to integrate their solution into the production chains of Rusagro with the cost of piloting projects up to 100 million rubles.

Participation criteria:

  • The project corresponds to the directions of competitive selection
  • Technologies and products in the stage of readiness for implementation in laboratory / pilot production conditions
  • Applicants – any natural and legal persons without a conflict of interest
  • A team of 2 people. We are waiting for applications from startups, scientific institutions and scientists
  • There are no age restrictions on the market and on revenue

The competitive selection takes place in four business areas of Rusagro, where the introduction of innovative technologies will improve the efficiency of food production.


  • Crop production
  • Meat business
  • Fat and oil business
  • Sugar business

Applications for participation in the competition are accepted until October 20, 2021.