Meet Vonage and open your business for new opportunities

Astana Hub always tries to find new opportunities for our startups. Join us on this webinar to meet Vonage and discover what we can do together.

Our speakers:

🔸 Julia Medvid — еxperienced Partner Manager, cooperating with independent software vendors, system integrator and Technology ecoSystem Partners to build omnichannel conversations that transform customer experience with Vonage Communications APIs using the Partner Program to add value to their business;

🔸 Pavel Zemlianoi — key representative of Nexmo & Vonage Group in CIS markets. Responsible for the company expansion and promotion of CPaaS innovative products and building trust with partners and clients to implement solutions in the field of programmable communications.

During the webinar, Julia Medvid and Pavel Zemlianoi will shortly present Vonage to you, next they will walk you through the APIs, and introduce you to the Vonage start-up program.In the end, Julia and Pavel would be happy to share what partnering with Vonage looks like and will answer any questions you may have. Tune in and light on new opportunities for your business. 

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