Shift your Perspective to Next-Gen Pricing — the first international conference of the professional pricing community

What will be discussed

  • Retail pricing strategies and practices.
  • How to compete with the market leaders on price and not go broke.
  • Pricing performance metrics. Pricing in STM.
  • Efficient price monitoring and basket management KVI.
  • World experience in retail pricing and the best practices in Europe.
  • Promo pricing: how to keep the gross income.
  • Behavioral economics and psychological pricing.
  • Data-driven dynamic retail pricing.
  • The subtleties of ecommerce pricing.
  • Big Data and AI in retail pricing.

Who will speak

  • D.R. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky, author of Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing.
  • Roland Burgman, author of the FutureValue method of company value management.
  • Alexander Vygolko, former Head of Pricing Department at Miratorg and HomeMarket, Head of Pricing Practice at myRetailStrategy.
  • Alexander Shubin, founder and methodological leader of SmartPricing dynamic pricing solution.
  • Aleksey Shigaikin, director of pricing for the Auchan retail chain.
  • Mikhail Sidorov, head of the categorical pricing department of the Magnit retail chain.
  • Vyacheslav Medvedev, commercial director of the HomeMarket network, pricing and promo expert.
  • And others.


We chose transformation in pricing processes as the main topic of the conference, metaphorically comparing the transition to digital approaches with climbing uphill - overcoming in the face of uncertainty. The conference will become a guide to the heights of pricing, where you can meet like-minded people along the way, because together it is more reliable and more fun.