SPEAKER NIGHT Almas Tuyakbaev: "Product Design"

Almas Tuyakbaev is the founder of the design company Uxstone.

The company designed the design system Gov.kz, Kinopark and others. In the past, he launched the unique nFactorial programming school in 2015-2018. Current activities are closely related to product and business design. Advised AIFC, National Bank.

Almas is a graduate of KBTU and Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Human-Computer Interaction. Since his student days, he has been interested in the interaction of technology with design. In addition, Almas taught at KBTU, SDU, MUIT and Nazarbayev University and worked in the laboratory on projects in the field of human-computer interaction.

At the online meeting, Almas will talk about the importance of product design for startups and share his experience in creating a successful product.

❗️Important: The event will be held in the format of "Questions and Answers".