"SU Game Jam 2021" - Create the game of your dreams!

SU GAME JAM 2021 - Create the game of your dreams!

Kazakh National Research Technical University named after
K. I. Satpaeva (Satbayev University), Institute of Automation and Information
technology and the Independent Youth Community (theHub)
the first annual "SU Game Jam 2021".

SU Game Jam 2021 is an exciting 4-day team competition
programmers, 3D and 2D artists, designers, game designers,
screenwriters, musicians and many other young professionals from different
areas collected with the aim of developing innovative, promising and
interesting video games developing the digital market of the country.

Strategic Benefits:

  • implement the project
  • win an educational grant at Satbayev University
  • receive a cash reward
  • have an internship,
  • find an investor.

Festival Direction:

  • GameDev

In addition to the three prizes, the winners will also be determined in the following categories:

         - "Innovation" - the uniqueness of the idea;

         - "Design" - visual style and effect;

         - "Script" - for the best plot;

         - "Best Junior team" - for the best school project.

Registration is conducted before December 3.

Organizing committee:
Artist: Sagynuly Sanzhar
Tel: +7 707 777 11 28
E-mail: s.sagynuly@satbayev.university