Tech Garden Announces new Industrial tour 🏭

Tech Garden announces a new industrial tour 🏭

This time we invite IT companies to visit the Bakyrchik deposit in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Polymetal company!

Polymetal is one of the leaders in the extraction of precious metals and has a high-quality portfolio of assets (gold, silver, copper). In Kazakhstan, the structure of the Group includes 4 enterprises, one of them is Bakyrchik Mining Enterprise LLP, engaged in the processing of gold–containing ore and the production of gold-containing concentrate.

When: August 24-25❗

To take part in this exciting tour, leave a request by clicking on the link.

Applications are accepted until August 18 inclusive 📥If you are not a user of the SIMP platform, then you need to register

🏭During the tour we will get acquainted with the main production processes, such as: ore mining, transportation, ore crushing, flotation and others. We will visit the largest quarries and mining and processing plant.

🦾 A trip to the Bakyrchik deposit will provide IT companies with a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge of production processes, understand technological innovations, establish business contacts and get inspired to create new solutions in the field of precious metals mining.

🦾Immerse yourself in the exciting world of precious metals mining with Tech Garden!