What are Digital Public Goods and what are they for?

A series of DPG webinars from UNICEF and Astana Hub! 

Astana Hub in cooperation with UNICEF is organizing the 2nd online webinar.

What are we talking about?

🔻About Digital Public Goods Alliance and what are digital public goods, and why it matters Overview of global pathfinding pilot projects. 

🔻About an innovative project in Kazakhstan - "Accessible Kazakhstan".

❓ How will this webinar be useful?

You will learn about DPG standard:

1.Relevance to Sustainable Development Goals
2.Use of Approved Open Licenses
3.Clear Ownership
4.Platform Independence
6.Mechanism for Extracting Data
7.Adherence to Privacy and Applicable Laws
8.Adherence to Standards & Best Practices
9.Do No Harm

When: September 23
What time: 15:00
Where: Zoom

❗️ To participate, you must register before September 22.