“You won't pass!”. Or how not to become a victim of hackers 💻

In 2022, 43.5 thousand fraud cases were recorded in Kazakhstan, of which 20.6 thousand were using the Internet. How to protect yourself and not become part of the statistics?

Cyber resilience- is teaching yourself to proactively perceive your cybersecurity, how to counter cyber threats and security problems on the network. On August 22, Cybersecurity Expert Medet Turin will speak at the meetup, who will share important information with those who want to prevent the theft of personal and business data.

Let 's analyze:

- basic rules of cyber hygiene

- fraudulent schemes on the Internet: real cases

- how to properly raise employee awareness

- HR security

The event is held with the support of the Department of Informatization, Public Services and Archives of the Karaganda region.