VC Open Days Ingria

On 24 November Ingria Business Incubator together with theUntitled Ventures, a Luxembourg-based deeptech fund, and organise a webinar VC Open Days Ingria on how to build the right strategy for a start-up when choosing an investment partner.

VC Open Days Ingria is a new format of business communication, and above all an opportunity for a start-up to demonstrate its investment attractiveness. And also get invaluable advice from a representative of the venture fund, experienced founders, and experts in the field of fundraising.

At the event, you will be able to present your project to the founders of a €100m venture fund, Konstantin Sinyushin and Igor Lutz, and receive an invitation to discuss investments from the Untitled, as well as receive feedback on the pitch from Alex Farseev, founder of, who has successfully attracted investments from OKS Group (RU), JJVC (RU), Investible (AU), Tembusu (SG).

In addition to pitching of pre-selected startups, we will discuss:

  • How to know when it is time to raise investment
  • What kind of difficulties a CIS startup faces when looking for an investor
  • Grant, business angel and venture fund: at what stage, who to approach, and what is the difference between them
  • In which countries is it best to invest, and why?
  • What nuances, in addition to check size, should be taken into account when choosing an investor
  • What opportunities are opened up for a startup once foreign capital is raised
  • Practical advice for startups on how to attract investments 

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