Webinar «Growing Your Business Revenue with Salesforce»

Registration for Growing Your Business Revenue with Salesforce webinars is open! 

Learn how to scale your sales and grow business revenue without hiring more and more. It’s easy if you know what process management instruments to use!   

Salesforce and Customertimes experts will be happy to share their insights: 

  1. How to reduce support and service costs by up to 27% 
  2. How to grow your revenue by 29% 
  3. How to enhance your decision-making by 31% 
  4. How to realize your marketing investments and get a 36% better result. 

We will share our 15-year experience and show real use cases on how the biggest market players transformed their processes to enhance overall business efficiency. 

  • Start Date: July 21, 1 PM (Nur-Sultan time) 
  • Registration is over.

Register now and we will send you a Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022 report. From the report, you will find out which technologies your competitors are going to use next 3 years!