VeriMeet: ML today - difficult, expensive, but hellishly interesting

On September 8 in Almaty, the Verigram team will organize a meeting of professionals in the field of Machine Learning.

A series of fiery reports awaits you on how to solve problems that no one has yet solved, how to tell the business about your results (not always positive), and how to predict the future of a product using ML. In the final, there will be a discussion about money, ethics and the prospects of ML development.

Andrei Shadrikov (, Anton Maltsev (ArtiSight, Rembrain), Aigerim Kambetbaeva (Cybernet), Radmir Kadyrov (, Dmitry Gordin (Citix), Kirill Markin (Ozma, SOAX).

The conference is free, but registration on the site is required. Limited number of seats. View the program and register.