Web 3 Hype: How Web3 is transforming the Digital world

Plug and Play invites you to the webinar "Web 3 Hype: How Web3 transforms the digital world"📣


Format: Online

When: June 29, 18:00 - 19:15

Language: English

We will talk about the hype around Web3, how to realize the potential of this area and help corporations adopt new trends.


Speaker: Maximillian Jungreis (Plug and Play US)

Maximilian leads the new Plug and Play Crypto vertical in San Francisco with a focus on corporate Web3 implementation among 500+ corporate partners. His experience is related to the development and strategy of international business in the fields of FinTech and Blockchain.

Maximilian is one of the founders of the Stanford University initiative "The Future of Digital Currency", worked with central banks and corporations to promote research, standardization and implementation of the central bank's digital currency.


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