Workshop by Madina Mazina on "Product development based on customer needs"

Tech trainers, we are launching a series of open master classes and workshops within the framework of the Techpreneurs program with the participation of cool speakers-practitioners on topics related to the development of a startup.

Our first invited guest is the Product Director Madina Mazina (more than 7 years of experience in digital). Previously, Madina led the railway direction in and built a grocery team there.

The topic of the workshop is "Product development based on customer needs", in which we will discuss:
- Why it is important to communicate with customers. How to understand the client;
- What is product market fit;
- When it's time to scale.

The workshop will be held in the format of "100 questions to the expert", so we ask you to prepare your questions in advance.

An expanded list of workshops and services is available for Techpreneurs program participants. 

 Date: September 16
 Time: 17:00 hours
 Format: Online

Link to the recording (ZOOM) :