Digitalization of business or how to eat a digital elephant piece by piece

Dear friends!


At the beginning of the journey, we all face difficulties in building internal workflows or not fully understanding how to use the available resources in our activities🙍🏻


💁🏻 We present to your attention online Workshop called ”Digitalization of business or how to eat a digital elephant piece by piece".


📝 During the workshop, we will reveal and sort through the main terms of business digitalization such as omniconality, corporate portal, CRM, RPA (tools for automating business processes). We will present in simple language!


Using examples, we will analyze the stages and features of the implementation of the Corporate Portal and CRM, depending on the stage of development of your company. From startup to company scaling.

If you want to analyze your case during the Workshop, then write to us email your question/case ⬇️


Speaker: Viktor Zakharov (Pattaya, Thailand).

🔺 Active entrepreneur since 2018, founder of Viktor Way Projects.

🔺 Bitrix24 official partner and certified Business Mentor. Resident of the business incubator WBA-2020.

🔺 Superpower: Networking over a cup of tea, idea generation and business systematization.

⏰ Time: November 30, 20:00 Astana time

📍Venue: Online, Zoom


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A link to connect to Zoom will be sent to the specified email address after registration📩


🎁 Bonuses and gifts for active workshop participants from the speaker!