In 2020, the “10Tech” team made a decision to develop a new “ForumVR” product. During the quarantine period, people lost many simple, but as it turned out, important joys in life. Before the pandemic, people attended exhibitions, forums, conferences, saw and communicated with each other. Events in real life are positive emotions from live communication with a large number of people, a feeling of involvement in an important event, huge locations where it is interesting to travel in search of new experiences, the opportunity to see or ask a question, a high-ranking politician, a top manager of a large corporation or a scientific researcher ...

We got a clear understanding - it is necessary to remove the psychological barrier and not only preserve this atmosphere of MICE events in the virtual space, but also introduce elements of gamification, allowing to expand opportunities for users. “ForumVR” is an application available on the most popular platforms (Windows, iOS, Android, Oculus) to reach a large number of users. You can attend the event using your smartphone, desktop computer, laptop or virtual helmet. You can organize a fantastic event, for example, in a Martian colony, in the congress hall located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a space shuttle flying to a new galaxy or on the planet Tautin, known to many earthlings.

On December 4, 2020, the Digital Initiatives Fund of the Eurasian Development Bank decided to win the competition for the best digital solutions to counter the spread and overcome the negative consequences of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The expected funding period is May 2021. (Source:

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