About us

An international technopark of IT startups. Here we create conditions for free development of kazakhstani and foreign technology companies.

Target audience

For IT startups

To be able to develop your business in an efficient and free environment

For venture investors and business angels

To find worthy investment solutions

For domestic and foreign IT companies

To accommodate laboratories, R&D centers, develop corporate innovations and interact with young IT companies

For IT experts, mentors and trackers

To share experience and shape the younger generation of IT entrepreneurs

For all

to attend lectures and master classes from leading experts in the field of innovative technologies and digital projects and become part of the innovative community of Kazakhstan

Educational programs

The activities of the Astana Hub educational programs office are aimed at fueling the pool of Kazakhstani talents in the field of IT through the popularization of technology entrepreneurship and training skills necessary to create a technology startup.


Startup school

Freelance School

Community Managers

Beta Career

Technological еntrepreneurship course in universities


Tech Orda


No Code

Business programs

Business programs are aimed at the accelerated growth of beginners and existing startups, freelancers, and IT companies.


Business programs held at Astana hub


558 startup projects


544 startup projects

Smart City Accelerator Almaty

24 startup projects


211 participants

Tracker School

170 applications

IT export accelerator

< 50 tech. сompanies

Outsourcing Hub


Regional development

In 2022, the Startup Orda program was implemented - this is a network of regional startup incubators that Astana Hub is developing with local partners.In total, 7674 applications across the country were received to participate in Startup Orda. During the period of the training program, more than 285 events were organized, 122 of which were held online, in which about 10 thousand interested in the development of IT in the regions actively participated as well.

Regional development programs

Incubation of start-up projects in the regions

10 Regions

Development of regional partners

10 Cities

Regional Agents

10 Specialists

Events of Regional Community Managers

286 Events

Number of startups to participate in the Demo Day contest

200+ Startup projects

Regional / Online Incubation

7674 Participants

Corporate innovation and digital competencies

Partner resources

3 preferential services provided

33 recipients of preferential resources


R&D centers Astana Hub

10 Сenters are open

50 educational events held

70 internships conducted


Corporate innovation

80 operational partners

42 Events

Support for Astana Hub members

Tax incentives and simplified visa regime

Saved 23 billion 404 million 459 thousand tenge

In 2018, legislative amendments were adopted providing for simplified visa and labor regimes, as well as a preferential tax regime that exempts from paying a number of basic taxes in order to reinvest income for business development and the implementation of new projects.


How to become a member of Astana Hub?

To get the status of an Astana Hub participant, you need to go through a simple online registration process on the Astana Hub web portal with the submission of a minimum package of documents (a list of which can be found on the Astana Hub web portal). Preferential conditions apply to any IT companies - both kazakhstani and foreign.


Investments and international promotion

Attracting investments


billion tg. аttracted

International cooperation



IT companies with foreign participation



Investors School




The main objective of the Astana Hub infrastructure is the consolidation of technology business on a cluster basis, by providing an advanced material infrastructure.

Pavilion С 4.6

5479,3 m2

leasable area

Pavilion C 4.5

2164,9 m2

leasable area

Pavilion C 3.5

5805,3 m2

leasable area


22067,3 m2 with a comfortable ecosystem