Dear users, welcome to the procurement section of Astana Hub!

To apply for participation in the procurement, please notice several important moments before submitting the application. Before filling out an application for participation, you need to register on the Eurasian electronic portal and sign a user agreement, then undergo accreditation in accordance with the Rules for using the CES.

When registering on the portal, fill your bank account and contact details carefully.Make sure that you have attached the necessary documents and verified your email address to be sure that all notifications from the Portal and/or Portal members are delivered. If you have not filled the required fields about your organization or filled them incorrectly, the Operator has the right to suspend your work on the Portal.

For more information on registration and the procurement participation, follow the link
To read the procurement rules
Video instructions for working on the Eurasian electronic portal at the link
View the purchase plan at the link
View announcement at the link

Purchase of services from individual:

Реестр ДВУ 2021.xlsx

For all questions, contact:

2222, +7 7172 73 50 89

Office of Legal Support and Procurement of the Fund