Information support for partner events Astana Hub

Astana Hub provides informational support to all activities /projects/programs, which correspond to the profile of Astana Hub activities and stimulate the development of IT-industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Information support algorithm:

  1. Partner independently publishes the event announcement in the 'Events' section or the program/project announcement in the 'Feed' section of the platform After moderation the publication will appear in the public domain. Astana Hub office, which supervises interaction with this partner, may also publish the event.
  2. A partner may post a short message (no more than 500 characters) announcing an event/program/project in Community Astana Hub telegram chat, attaching a link to the detailed publication on the platform. Publication about the event can also be done by Astana Hub office, supervising interaction with this partner. Links to third-party resources are not allowed in the telegram chat.
  3. All events published on the platform will be included in the next digest of partner events on the Instagram Astana Hub page. Events not published on the platform will not be included in the affiliate digest.
  4. If the partner used the information support of Astana Hub, when placing publications about the event/project/program on other resources, Astana Hub must be indicated as an information partner (if possible, with an interactive link to the site).

Instructions for posting a message/announcement on the Astana Hub platform and in the chat