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The course offers comprehensive training to become an in-demand web developer. During the training, you will master the various languages ​​and technologies required to create modern web applications. The course Web developer is aimed at developing students' practical skills and knowledge about modern web technologies related to the creation of web pages. As part of the course, the student should get acquainted with the basics of designing and creating websites. This course will help you become a skilled web developer with all the tools and knowledge you need for a successful career in web development.

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Guarantee fee in the amount of 100,000 tenge

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There are more practices than theories


Junior Web Developer

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Offline lessons 2 times a week for 2 hours


The student will learn how to create and structure web pages with HTML, styling and layout using CSS, and user interaction and creating dynamic elements using JavaScript.

They will also learn popular web frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue.js, and learn how to create scalable and interactive web applications.

As a result of the training, he will learn with server-side development by learning one of the server-side programming languages ​​such as PHP and learn how to create web servers and interact with the database.


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