Менеджер по финансовой поддержке Рег. филиала по г. Алматы

Brief description of the vacancy

Financial Support Manager of the Regional branch in Almaty

What we expect from the candidate

-quality work

Basic requirements (education, skills)

-Higher economic/financial/legal education;

-Work experience in a bank/financial institution in lending to small and medium-sized businesses and/or corporate lending / credit administration/ risk management, or in national development institutes (related to the analysis and financing of PPP projects) for at least 1 (one) year.

- must know and apply the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including those regulating financial, banking and credit activities; - must know financial analysis, the basic goals and objectives of the risk management process, the basics and methods of accounting; - know the procedure, basics and rules for maintaining and drafting documents (contracts, reports, acts, etc.).- have business correspondence skills;- must have the skills to conduct presentations and negotiations.In cases of transfer of an employee working in the Fund (in addition to the above):must know the resolutions, orders, orders and other documents related to the activities of the Fund.

-MS Office, mail applications and Internet resources at the level of an experienced user, knowledge of applied computer programs (1C and DR) is desirable
Kazakh/ Russian

What to do (functional responsibilities)

- Organization and participation in events and meetings with NPOs, provision of consultations on Programs, including programs providing for subsidizing and guaranteeing loans to NPOs, as well as conditional allocation of funds;

- Timely consideration of the projects of the NP for compliance with the conditions of the Programs;

- Timely consideration and carrying out of economic expertise of the projects of the SSE within the framework of Programs providing partial guarantee of the loans of the SSE;

- Implementation of a full cycle of work on information, organizational, technical, analytical support of the NP within the framework of Programs;

- Timely introduction of information on PPP projects in the automated system "Configuration 1C "Accounting for subsidies";

- Formation of acts of reconciliation of mutual settlements on the projects of the NPS within the framework of the Programs;

- Compliance with deadlines for providing information, presentations, reporting on projects approved by the Board/By the Fund's credit committees for subsidizing and guaranteeing to the relevant structural subdivision of the GO and/or to the Fund's management, direct supervisor and curators of the functionality;

- Interaction on the implementation of Programs with Contractors, local executive authorities, etc., and other structural divisions of the Fund, within the competence;

- Provision of reporting/requested information on the implementation of state programs to the GO/program coordinator at the local level/regulatory authorities/industry associations and other societies;

- Preparation of outgoing letters for local executive bodies, second-tier banks/leasing companies, NPOs and other organizations on issues related to the competence of the Russian Federation;

- Provision of methodological and consulting assistance to second-tier banks/leasing companies, SMEs and external third-party organizations (local executive authority, industry associations of entrepreneurs, etc.) in terms of issues related to the competence of the Russian Federation;

- Formation of the dossier of the final borrowers: verification and review of the dossier of the NP on subsidy and guarantee projects: completeness of the dossier (availability of all necessary documents); correctness of registration and compliance with the requirements of the Programs and the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, timely transfer of documents of special importance for storage in accordance with the internal regulatory documents of the Fund (hereinafter – GNI); at least once a year to check the dossier of the final borrowers for completeness of management in accordance with the GNI and the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;- Ensuring the timely conclusion of contracts and additional agreements on the Fund's Programs: verification of the submitted protocols of the authorized bodies of the Fund (the Management Board/Credit committees for subsidizing and guaranteeing, Working Group, other commissions) for the correctness of registration in accordance with the terms of the Programs; verification of submitted contracts for compliance with the standard forms used and decisions of authorized bodies (protocol of the Credit Committee of the STB, minutes of the Management Board/Credit committees for subsidizing and guaranteeing, the protocol of the Working Group, and other commissions); preparation for the signing of subsidy and guarantee agreements;

- Provide daily reports on planned and completed work to curators on functionality in the Russian Federation;

- Formation and timely submission of reports on the disbursement of funds by the Fund's Partners to local executive bodies (M&E) / other legal entities in the amount and within the time limits determined by the terms of loan agreements concluded between the Fund and M&E / other legal entities;

- Development of ideas and proposals for improving and developing the activities of the Russian Federation and the Fund; - Development, together with other structural divisions of the Fund, of GNI projects and preparation of proposals for amendments and additions to the GNI on issues within the framework of their official duties;

- Making proposals to improve the work of the Russian Federation and the Fund as a whole;

- Development of current and future work plans of the Russian Federation within the framework of their official duties, preparation of analytical reports on Programs, as well as the necessary reporting to them;- Assistance in the development of risk communications: identify and inform about significant risks in the sphere of activity of the Russian Federation; promptly submit information on risks of the Russian Federation to the Risk Management Department; participate in the creation of an action plan for risk management of the Russian Federation; facilitate the implementation of the approved action plan for responding to risks; maintain a statistical database on the types of risks of the Russian Federation;- Do not leave the workplace during working hours, except in cases of withdrawal, due to official necessity and natural needs;- Comply with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, GNI, decisions of Fund bodies, orders and orders;- Comply with the standards described in the GNI regulating the processes within the competence of the employee;

- To maintain strict confidentiality of all information obtained as a result of performing official duties in accordance with the requirements of the Fund's GNI;

- Comply with internal and/or legislative requirements to prevent conflicts of interest and anti-corruption in the performance of official duties;

- To carry out other written/oral instructions and requirements of the direct supervisor, curators in terms of functionality.

- Be guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the Fund, the Fund's GNI (rules, regulations, instructions, regulations, codes, etc.), acts of the employer.

- Upon termination of the employment contract or transfer to another structural unit, transfer to an employee determined by the director of the branch all the cases and documents on the act of acceptance and transfer of official affairs that he has on execution. At the same time, one copy of the signed act of acceptance and transfer of official files is transferred to the authorized structural subdivision for work with personnel with a bypass sheet, and the other copy is sent to the responsible employee for record keeping in the branch.

What we offer (social package, benefits, bonuses)

-30 days of vacation,
-medical insurance