Главный менеджер департамента управления рисками

Brief description of the vacancy

Главный менеджер департамента управления рисками

What we expect from the candidate

Theoretical/academic knowledge in the field of: finance, economics.
Special professional knowledge and skills: knowledge of the principles and tools of strategic planning, assessment and determination of the effectiveness of the Company's asset management, analysis of financial markets, evaluation of financial instruments and risk management.
In its activities , the General Manager is guided by:
legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan: The Constitution, the Code "On Taxes and Other Mandatory Payments to the Budget", the Law "On Joint Stock Companies", the Law "On Limited and Additional Liability Partnerships", as well as other regulatory legal acts related to the Company's activities;
the order of systematization, accounting and documentation, management reporting using modern information technologies;
fundamentals of administration, ethics of business communication;
occupational safety and health regulations, fire safety requirements.

Basic requirements (education, skills)

Result orientation: takes on additional functions to achieve the desired result;
Professional presentation preparation skills;
Sociability: is able to defend the position of the department / company to achieve results;
Choice and decision-making: when analyzing information, it takes into account all key factors and identifies priorities;
Cross-functional interaction: puts forward initiatives that significantly improve the established approach to work in related interaction;
Organization of the unit's work: clearly plans the fulfillment of the tasks set, namely, divides the task into stages, determines the resources needed to complete each stage, sets realistic deadlines;
Implementation of changes: promotes the adoption of necessary changes by the group;
Teamwork: actively interacts with colleagues, achieving consistency of actions at the junctions of his and neighboring work sites;
Development: continuously expands his horizons, improves his knowledge and abilities to achieve better results in his work.
Stress resistance;

1. Higher professional education (economics, mathematics, finance);

2. In the economic, financial sphere or in the areas corresponding to the directions of the position – at least 2 (two) years;

3. In the relevant profile of the organization in the form of economic activity (preferably in corporate lending by second–tier banks, large consulting companies) - preferably at least 4 (four) years;

4. It is desirable to have professional certifications in the field of risk management and/or in the field of financial analysis/ evaluation of investment projects / In the field of business valuation (ACCA/CFA/FRM/ASA/CMAO and other analogues).

What to do (functional responsibilities)

- implementation of internal revaluation of the strategic portfolio of the Company, coordination of the cost of purchase/sale of participation (shares) in project companies (portfolio investments), private equity funds and UP to;

- analysis of the content of the evaluation report for compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on evaluation activities, regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other documents regulating the conduct of evaluation, evaluation standards mandatory for use by the subjects of evaluation activities, other standards of professional practice (international standards of evaluation, standards of professional organizations, etc.) that have been used by the appraiser during the evaluation;

- analysis of the estimated part of the evaluation report in terms of the correctness of the application of approaches, selection and application of evaluation methods, as well as analysis of the design of evaluation reports with the study of documents used by the appraiser and establishing quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the object of evaluation, including title, identification and technical documents, as well as technical inventory documents, printouts from Internet resources, copies of newspaper publications, conclusions of special examinations and other documents on the object of assessment (if any), as well as photos- and (or) video materials;

- approval of the appraiser's assessment report on the assessment of the fair value of investments BEFORE and/or the Company for financial statements;

- timely formation and provision of risk conclusions, an opinion on the assessment / confirmation of the value of the investment;

- preparation of materials submitted for consideration to the authorized body of the Company and/or the Company, as well as execution of orders of the authorized bodies of the Company, as part of the optimization of the risk management system;

- execution of other orders and/or orders of the Director of the Department within the framework of the Company's activities and up to;

- coordination of DCF (discounted cash flow) financial models within the framework of investment projects before and/or the Company;

- preparation of conclusions within the framework of investment projects and monitoring before and/or the Company;

- coordination of payment requirements in accordance with agreements on the creation and/or participation in private equity funds. Accounting for claims and payments;

- optimization of business processes related to the evaluation of the Company's strategic portfolio;

- by virtue of its functional tasks, it identifies, analyzes and controls the risks inherent in the activities of the Company's structural unit, including notifying the structural unit responsible for coordinating the risk management system of changes, the status and size of the relevant risks, all non-standard operations and situations;

- development of a template and calculation files for assessing the fair value of investments BEFORE and/or the Company for financial statements;

- interaction with the Internal Audit Service of the Company, state audit bodies and other organizations (JSC "NUH "Baiterek", etc.) regarding the preparation and provision of information within the competence of the Department within the framework of internal audit, state audit and other audits, respectively.

What we offer (social package, benefits, bonuses)

Registration of an employment contract in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
Salary + quarterly bonuses based on performance results;
Health insurance for the whole family (up to four people)
Training and professional development;
Professional team;