Java разработчик

Brief description of the vacancy

Мы в поиске Java разработчик ( Middle/Senior)

Basic requirements (education, skills)

The ability to understand someone else's code, to refactor code;
Knowledge and application of SOLID, DRY, KISS;
Good knowledge of the frameworks used in the project and microservice architecture
Confident knowledge of Java/Java spring boot: code profiling, garbage collector, multi-threading, multi-processing;
Ability to work with queues (Pub/Sub);
Ability to write unit tests at a basic level;
Understanding indexes, transactions, atomicity in the database, development and planning methodology;
Knowledge of API design principles, query processing and data management.

What to do (functional responsibilities)

Development and support of the server side of applications in Java;
Design, development and optimization of the backend system and its components;
API creation and support (RESTful or others);
Working with a database (SQL or NoSQL) designing, creating and optimizing databases, writing queries and ensuring data security;
Working with Spring, Hibernate, and others;
Implementation of business logic and request processing on the server side, including authentication, authorization and error handling;
Participation in the deployment of applications on servers or cloud platforms (for example, AWS), including configuration and scaling of the infrastructure;
Study of new technologies, standards and tools related to backend development and their application in projects.

What we offer (social package, benefits, bonuses)

Free English language learning within the company;
Fitness Compensation;
Medical services compensation
Table tennis in the office;
Corporate Library;
Activities: football, basketball, summer and winter corporate parties