Glover Specialist

Brief description of the vacancy

We are looking for someone who will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and optimizing our courier fleet.

What we expect from the candidate

  • Great people skills, and leadership skills- You will be the person of reference for our Glovers Fleet :)
  • Detail-oriented, proactive, and really organized.
  • An empathetic, inclusive and curious attitude

Basic requirements (education, skills)

  • Proficient Excel and google sheets knowledge.
  • Really good communications skills and customer service skills

What to do (functional responsibilities)

  • Be in charge of Couriers fleet organization
  • Responsible for recruitment and training of Glovers.
  • Uploading new Couriers (Glovers) in our system, with their required documentation and information.
  • Be accountable for Glovers contracts and documentation.
  • Support Glovers with possible queries and FAQs.
  • Assure every Glover has every needed material.
  • Analyze fleet's progress and develop reports to track and create improvements.
  • Support Operations Manager with fleet reports and metrics about the operation.
  • Report to the Operations Manager regarding the fleet
  • Actively collaborate with your colleagues and learn from each other in a supportive environment that allows you to grow, develop and make a difference

What we offer (social package, benefits, bonuses)

  • Official contract Republic of Kazaksta