[Archived ]Senior Manager of Member Support Office

Brief description of the vacancy

Astana Hub is the largest international technology park for IT start-ups in Central Asia. Conditions are created here for the free development of Kazakhstan and foreign technology companies and start-ups.

What is to be done:

  • Providing consulting support to the participants of the Astana Hub International Technological Park (hereinafter referred to as the Technopark), including potential ones;
  • Providing explanatory work on the registration of participants in the Technopark, including employees of the Fund and third parties, a general excursion about the benefits of participating in the Technopark;
  • Assistance in the preparation and submission of tax forms to Technopark participants;
  • Consultations of Technopark participants on accounting issues;
  • Consultations of Technopark participants on tax issues;
  • Keeping records of the funds saved by the participants of the Technopark, through the receipt of tax benefits;
  • Formation and provision of information about the participants of the Technopark to the authorized body in the field of informatization;
  • Assistance in the preparation and submission of quarterly and annual reports of Technopark participants, as well as tax reporting, taking into account the application of preferences;
  • Regulation of controversial issues in the formation and submission of tax reporting to the tax authorities, requiring settlement and development of methods for their elimination.

What we expect from a candidate:

  • Skills of collecting, organizing and analyzing information;
  • Skills in the use of computer technology, communications and communications;
  • Skills in using information systems;
  • Systematization, accounting and documentation skills using modern information technologies.

What do we offer:

  • Working in an Agile team of talented and ambitious guys who set themselves ambitious goals and always achieve them!
  • Huge networking! All IT-community of Kazakhstan in the epicenter of innovation - Astana Hub;
  • Comfortable and beautiful office on the territory of EXPO, in the center of the IT cluster of the capital;
  • Working hours from 09.00 to 18.30, 5/2;
  • We participate in various charity events, run marathons, participate in quests and quizzes, but at the same time we manage to work productively;
  • We are not only cool specialists, but also versatile, proactive guys who create various activities within the company (Ted Talks, Mafia, etc.).