Senior Java Developer

Краткое описание

Our team develops rich Internet application in the field of financial markets.

Что мы ожидаем от кандидата:

  • solid knowledge of fundamental data structures and algorithms;
  • knowledge of design patterns, experience in system architecture development;
  • strong understanding of REST APIs;
  • experience consuming live streams of data using technologies like WebSockets or server-sent events;
  • an understanding of performance in modern web browsers, including reflow/repaint/composite in browsers, asset loading costs, etc.;
  • understanding of JavaScript and how it works in modern browsers;
  • basic knowledge of Spring stack;
  • English level: B1 and higher.

What would be your advantage:

  • good knowledge of HTML/CSS;
  • experience in development of software for financial or brokerage businesses;
  • experience in TypeScript is preferable;
  • experience in GUI design;
  • experience in RxJS, GWT, React;
  • deployment experience with Docker, NGINX, HAProxy.

Основные требования (образование, навыки):

  • Java 11, Spring stack, RxJava, Kotlin, GWT, TypeScript, ReactJs, io-ts, RxJs, Cypress, WebSockets, Canvas.

Чем предстоит заниматься (функциональные обязанности)

  • develop new and improve the existing functionality of our rich internet applications;
  • develop server side logic and develop client-server APIs (REST, WebSocket);
  • analyze and improve performance on both server and client side;
  • work on improving development process and developer experience;
  • work on improving observability and traceability of our components;
  • communicate with designers, developers, business analysts and customers.

Что мы предлагаем (соцпакет, льготы, бонусы):

  • конкурентоспособная заработная плата;
  • возможность поучаствовать в крутейших проектах;
  • финансовая поддержка в критических ситуациях;
  • удаленная работа.