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UI/UX Designers

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Early stage startup Turbo Go (urban ridesharing mobility platform) is in search of outstanding UI/UX Designers and Marketing Professionals who want to join our great team.

Who are we looking for

We welcome the rare breed generally known as hipsters and hustlers who are comfortable with change, chaos, and learning from failure and are at ease working in risky, unstable situations without a roadmap. 

You are exactly who we’re looking for, if you are: 

open to learning and discovery—highly curious, inquisitive, and creative; agile enough to deal with daily change and readily able to wear multiple hats, often on the same day;comfortable celebrating failure when it leads to learning and iteration;and have a solid background (knowledge, experience and skills) in your field.

What you will get

Competitive salary/Stock options (negotiable)Working office at the Astana HubFlexible working hours

Your Responsibilities:

Understand our business.Understand your job.Project and time management.

Your Qualifications:

Fluent in both English/Russian. A love of Design and Marketing.Attention to deadlines, details and keeping team-spirit.Full time.

Applications closing date: August 30th, 2022

About us:

We are Turbo Go - urban ridesharing mobility platform. Here at Turbo Go we are driven by our mission to make mobility accessible and sustainable to all, and we seek candidates of the highest integrity and professionalism who share our values, with the commitment and drive to strive today to make change happen.

Send CVs at support@turbogo.app, or just reach us at https://t.me/go4turbo