Lead Node.JS Developer

Brief description of the vacancy

We are looking for a Node.js developer with 4+ years of experience to join the Tonti Laguna Mobile team, who will be able to develop the server side of our appl

Tonti Laguna Mobile is part of the Netpeak Group. Now about 20% of the Netpeak Group team is involved in various initiatives to counter Russian propaganda. Some of them are in cooperation with partners, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and cyber police. There are several areas of volunteer projects in which we participate: content creation, advertising in social networks, promotion of Ukrainian products, humanitarian aid. CO "Моє Місто" team, which is part of the Netpeak Group, together with volunteers is now engaged in providing life support for animal shelters, as well as helping to purchase the necessary items for some units of the AFU.

Our products:

We develop products ranging from healthy food trackers to AR tools, from astrological to educational products.

We have a strong team of marketers and analysts, so the choice of which product to do next is always based on data, making almost all of our products profitable.

We regularly research the market and look for new niches, so any team member can come up with ideas to implement a feature in an existing product as well as initiate an entirely new application from scratch!

Tonti Laguna Mobile products are used by millions of people around the world from the US to Singapore.

We have:

1. 45 people in the company;

2. 20 applications;

3. 20 million users.

Why work with us?

1. We constantly try to work with the latest technologies and make our own decisions about the stack and architecture.

2. We have a cool team of professionals in their fields, and we've already created a good environment for sharing experiences.

3. we look for people who want to make independent decisions on product development - the team itself decides how the product will look and work.

4. No bureaucracy - we are flexible and quick to make decisions.

Functional Responsibilities:

1. Application backend design and development, support of existing products and participation in development of new ones.

2. Organizing the process and development of the existing development team (currently 2 developers).

3. Utilization of new services.

4. Developing business logic architecture for user base management.5. Coverage of the code by unit tests.

Professional knowledge and skills:

1. Knowledge of Node.js, TypeScript, 4+ years of commercial experience.

2. Understanding of OOP, SOLID principles.

3. Experience of working with API: REST, RPC.

4.Experience with MySQL (PostgreSQL), Redis.

5. Experience in API integration (Apple APIs, Google APIs).

6. Experience with Docker and Docker compose.

7. Ability to write Unit/Integration tests.

8. Understanding of CI/CD processes.

Will be a plus:

1. Experience with Nest.js or tsed.io.

2. Experience with Vue, Nuxt.

3. Experience with RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch.

We offer:

1. Salary based on the interview results.

2. Flexible schedule.

3. Opportunity to work remotely.

4. Paid leave, sick leave.

5. Participation in conferences and seminars organized by Netpeak Group.

6. Compensation of 50% cost of participation in external educational events.

7. Corporate events and entertainments are currently on hold, but we will bring them back after our victory.

8. We provide convenient equipment regardless of the work format.