Manager of IT Innovations Office at Nazarbayev University

Brief description of the vacancy

Experience in one of the fields: Database design / SQL; C++ , C#, Java programming; Software development; RPA; Business process automation; Back-end development

Job Description

1) investigate and implement emerging and innovative software (open source and ready-made third-party applications, middleware and self-service solutions) that meet business demands and cost-effective;

2) piloting new software solutions in collaboration with internal IT specialists and external vendors;

3) assisting the Director in managing the project’s roadmap by effectively prioritizing, estimating time needed to complete initiatives;

4) work with complex projects while making output user friendly to users across the University;

5) troubleshoot and resolve technical problems of implemented emerging and innovative software in timely manner;

6) providing consulting and methodological assistance on the issues within the competence of the Office;

7) assisting the Director and the Chief Information Officer in coordinating and monitoring the implementation of agreements and budget lines within the competence;

8) participation in identification, assessment, management and monitoring of risks within the framework of supervised direction;

9) temporary performs the duties (replaces) of the Director during his/her   temporary absence (up to one month);

10) timely and properly executes the tasks of the line manager and the University`s management