Brief description of the vacancy

For the role of personal and business assistant, I invite a reliable and competent person with mature thinking to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

You will join the root team of the owner, you will participate with me in the development of several business areas (system integration and management consulting services; management of key areas in a partner group of companies; launch and development of a Kazakh/European startup) as a personal assistant and business assistant.


  • Task management: fixation and design, decomposition and delegation, control of execution and analytics based on results.
  • Communications:
    • planning and organizing online meetings, recording information and summarizing, drawing up a protocol and tasks based on the results of the meeting;
    • conducting preliminary and intermediate online meetings with potential and permanent partners, contractors and clients;
    • conducting business correspondence in Russian and English.
  • Execution of business assignments: information and analytical support, information collection, preparation of reports and presentations, search for contractors for projects, etc.
  • Execution of personal assignments: planning and organization of personal events and events, search for information, etc.
  • Assistance in collecting, systematizing, publishing (including in English) and updating information: knowledge base, methodology of work, exclusive practices applied by the owner and the team for the development of the organization, partner and client projects.
  • Assistance in financial and managerial accounting.


  • Attentiveness, accuracy, confidentiality in work. Benevolence and loyalty.
  • Erudition, the ability to maintain a dialogue.
  • The ability to work in multitasking mode, prioritize and, if necessary, dive deeply into tasks and bring them to results.
  • Knowledge of English for translation, communication and support at online meetings (you will have time to improve your skills).
  • Ability to plan, organize and structure the flow of information.
  • An experienced user of digital technology. Ability to work in cloud services and applications.
  • Proactivity, independence in work. High efficiency, stress resistance. Readiness for a variety of tasks.
  • Understanding the digital industry and the "modern world" in general.

An additional advantage will be

  • Spoken Portuguese.
  • Spoken/written Kazakh.
  • Skills in HR, marketing, content management, project management or
  • customer support.


  • Remote work (rare offline assignments are possible).
  • Flexible, sometimes irregular schedule - we coordinate the boundaries of personal time in advance.
  • The basic system of monthly remuneration: the first month is 100,000 tenge, then increases by 20,000 tenge each month. There is no salary ceiling.
  • Official employment in our LLP.
  • Interesting tasks. Participation in brainstorms, strategic sessions.
  • Prospects for the growth of remuneration and areas of development.
  • Only long-term cooperation, with full immersion in all aspects of the activity.

Perhaps you have skills and interests that differ from the generally accepted role of "assistant manager" or "business assistant" that you want to realize. We will definitely discuss them and integrate what you consider appropriate into the trajectory of your development within the framework of our business relations.

See you soon!


  • I do not consider applications from applicants without a resume, thank you for your understanding.
  • Write to me immediately in telegram: @rustamkunafin_kz