Fullstack-developer, Wordpress

Brief description of the vacancy

Website development and configuration: CMS WordPress developer is responsible for creating and configuring websites based on the WordPress platform.

What will be your responsibilities:

- Website development and configuration: CMS WordPress developer is responsible for creating and configuring websites based on the WordPress platform. This includes the installation, configuration and configuration of CMS, selection and configuration of the design theme (template), installation and configuration of plugins and extensions, adaptation of the design to the needs of the customer and other tasks related to the creation and configuration of the site.- Development of themes and plugins: CMS WordPress developer can create their own themes and plugins for WordPress. The development of themes can include the creation of design, HTML layout, CSS styling and integration with WordPress functionality. Plugin development can include creating custom functions, integrating with the API, and extending WordPress capabilities.- Working with a database: WordPress uses a database to store information about the content of the site. A WordPress CMS developer can perform tasks related to database creation and management, query execution, performance optimization, and database security.- Performance and security optimization: CMS WordPress developer must have the knowledge and skills to optimize the performance and security of the website. This includes optimizing page loading, caching, file compression, database optimization, installing SSL certificates, providing protection against hacking, and other security measures.- Testing and debugging: CMS WordPress developer must perform testing and debugging of created sites in order to detect and correct errors, ensure proper functionality and compliance with customer requirements.- Support and Maintenance: CMS WordPress developer may be responsible for the support and maintenance of existing WordPress-based websites. This may include updating CMS, themes and plugins, data backup, performance and security monitoring, as well as problem solving and ensuring the continuous health of sites.- Ability to write JS + PHP scripts

Basic requirements (education, skills)

- - knowledge of programming languages HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL;

- high speed of work without loss of quality, stress resistance;

- sense of taste, creative thinking;

- - Layout by company

- Layout

- sociability, ability to work in a team; - discipline, high sense of responsibility;

- work experience + portfolio;

- readiness for a small test task in our office. Based on the test results, we will be able to assess the speed and quality of work.

What we offer (social package, benefits, bonuses)

- stable and interesting work in an excellent team;

- decent salary + bonuses;

- gym;

- friendly and young team, loyal and democratic leadership;

- working hours: 5/2, 09:00 to 18:00;

- registration by TC.

- Hybrid graphics

Be sure to attach a link to the portfolio in the resume or in the cover letter, responses without a portfolio will not be considered.