Sales manager

Brief description of the vacancy

Sales manager of paintings and works of art.

What we expect from the candidate

  • Short description

    Future NFT Technology is looking for a sales manager who has patience, empathy and perseverance. We are located on the territory of EXPO, the company is registered in the AIFC.

    We are a Kazakhstani IT product for the sale of paintings and works of art.

Basic requirements (education, skills)

  • It will be easier for you to integrate into the workflow and adapt to the team if you:
    • Self-confident, versatile person;
    • You speak Russian and English well;
    • have experience in telephone sales.

What to do (functional responsibilities)

  • We support a creative approach to sales, every day we share insights and sales techniques with each other.

    What does a working day look like:


    • Working with collectors, buyers, artists and galleries of Kazakhstan;

    • Daily telephone conversations with clients;

    • Sending KP to the client's email address;

What we offer (social package, benefits, bonuses)

  • By joining us, you will receive:
    • Fixed salary for a trial period of 300,000 tenge (hereinafter 300,000) + KPI + % of sales;
    • Registration according to the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, working hours in the office MON-Fri from 10:00 to 18:00;
    • Free study of English. It is important for us that our employees master the language of international communications and open access to the best world experience;
    • Field team building. We value the corporate culture and believe in the team, so we dilute our working days with team building outside the city.