PHP Developer

Brief description of the vacancy

Required work experience: 1-3 years Full-time, full-time Temporary registration is possible: service agreement, contract, GPH, self-employed, sole proprietor

What we expect from the candidate

  • Development and support of the group's IT products;
  • Creation of a new, and optimization of the existing functionality;
  • Improving the reliability and quality of the system at all levels;
  • Working on our new projects.

Basic requirements (education, skills)

  • Excellent knowledge:


    • PHP7+;
    • Laravel (including experience writing Rest API applications);
    • Linux, Nginx, Composer, Git;
    • HTML, CSS;
    • SQL (MySQL, Postgresql);
    • Docker and containerized applications 
    • To understand someone else's code;
    • Availability of completed, working projects;
    • The experience of building a micro service architecture will be a plus;
    • Knowledge of the Go language or the desire to master it.

What to do (functional responsibilities)

  • Optimize and refactor existing code;
  • Design and launch new services and/or modules of the system;
  • Analyze the quality of colleagues' code.

What we offer (social package, benefits, bonuses)

  • Registration according to the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Medical insurance in your own clinic;
  • Training and professional development at the IT Hub;
  • Participation in conferences (internal and external);
  • Corporate culture: team building (summer and winter), various sports events, intellectual games (Quizzes);
  • Provision of a day off (Adm. days - depending on the length of service in the company) without salary deduction;
  • Vacation 28 calendar days;
  • Accrual of points – Centcoins, it is possible to earn Centcoins and spend them on different nishtyaki in the company;
  • Recreation room IT Hub.