Search quality specialist with knowledge of the Kazakh

Brief description of the vacancy

Remotely, the schedule is flexible. Payment is piecework. Tasks: data processing, query analysis and ensuring high quality of search results. We will teach ever

🧰 Search quality specialist with knowledge of the Kazakh language

🏢 Yandex Search

ℹ️ About the position:

Users search Yandex for answers to any questions — from work to everyday. It is very important that the information in the output is useful, safe and accurate. Performers from the Anchor partner company help us to control the quality of the issue. Join them and make the Search better.

We are waiting for an attentive and inquisitive employee who is ready to process and evaluate a lot of data in Yandex Search.

✅ Requirements:

- Speak Russian and Kazakh languages;

- Inquisitive: constantly looking for the right information, interested in everything new, do not be lazy to drive queries into the search bar and find answers;

- You can quickly understand complex and unfamiliar topics;

- Ready to perform tasks on a personal computer (smartphone will not work);

- Responsible, thoughtful;

- Calmly treat the same type of tasks;

- It will be a plus if you have a technical education.

🎯 Tasks:

- Analyze search queries to understand what the authors wanted to ask them;

- To separate useful web pages that meet a given search query from unsuitable ones;

- Write accompanying texts to the request that will help other specialists distinguish relevant pages from irrelevant ones.

🧩 Conditions:

- Remote work from 20 hours a week;

- Flexible schedule;

- Piecework payment. The average PO is 300,000 ₸

We are waiting for your response at the link - ?e=14

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