Astana Hub and Tech Culture held a Free Blockchain Conference

The Blockchain Summer Conference was held in Nur-Sultan. It was organized by representatives of the IT company TechCulture,  (part of the GEXABYTE group ), and the International Technopark of IT Startups Astana Hub.

The main purpose of the meeting is to talk clearly and interestingly about current topics of blockchain technology.

The conference was held free of charge, and about 150 participants took part in it. The meeting discussed the concepts of Web 3.0 and 2.0, NFT trends, tokenomics for crypto projects, and much more. The speakers were Artur Sundetov, CTO of Tech Culture IT company and founder of GEXABYTE group of IT companies; Kirill Morozov, founder of NFTime; Konstantin Kudryashov, independent financial advisor and crypto enthusiast; Alexander Shishov, CEO of Coldstack; Baizhan Beksultan, token engineer of Tech Culture IT company; Evgeny Orman, CEO of Darwin Tech Labs and Arman Konushpaev, Vice President of the Association of Developers and Users of blockchain Technology "BlockchainKZ".

– I liked the variety of speakers, – says Manar Orazov, one of the participants of the conference. – Each of them has something to learn. It is necessary to hold such events as often as possible, as this will lead to a faster adaptation of the cryptocurrency in the country.

Astana Hub focuses on events for the local blockchain community to help develop projects in the field and train specialists - mainly blockchain engineers:

– We place great emphasis on the formation of a local blockchain community to increase awareness of the value of blockchain technologies among people, – says Tanat Uskembayev, Head of Corporate Innovation and Digital Competence Office of the Astana Hub Technopark. – Therefore, we are doubly pleased to support market representatives who demonstrate an interest in the development of blockchain technologies. Soon, many familiar centralized solutions will find decentralized alternatives. This is exactly how the blockchain technology market will mature, and thus the market of decentralized digital assets. In light of this, it is important to raise awareness in our community about the potential of blockchain technologies.

The representative of IT company Tech Culture also noted the importance of such events:

– The main purpose of the conference is to focus on the exchange of knowledge, – says Artur Sundetov, CTO of the IT company Tech Culture. – We have gathered speakers who can give accurate information, share technical details and give expert feedback. I am very glad that it turned out to gather people interested in blockchain in one place and create a platform for networking.

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