Astana Hub will help 100 technological startups of Kazakhstan to tell about themselves in the media space

"100 Startup Stories of Kazakhstan" is a new media project of Astana Hub, which will tell about people who solve problems in a new way — with the help of digital technologies and an innovative approach.

This is a project about beginning and already experienced IT entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, thanks to which Astana Hub aims to show a portrait of a technology startup through the stories of the people who create them:  how they approach solving problems, which people are chosen for the team and why they choose the path of an innovative leader.

It doesn't matter what stage a startup is at: whether it's an idea, a prototype, or an already working product, anyone can apply. In addition, the form of legal registration of a startup also does not matter. It is also not necessary to be a participant in the programs and tax regime of Astana Hub — the technopark is looking for new stories that have not yet entered the orbit of Astana Hub. It is important to feel the project, the involvement and individuality of the team, the personal qualities of the founders and the importance of the problem that the project solves. 

All 100 startup stories will be told in different media formats: a text interview, a photo report, an author's column on the platform Instagram Facebook, Telegram, Tik Tok and YouTube, video interviews, reviews and news stories in the media, as well as creative presentation in the social networks of Astana Hub. 

Participants are required to tell about themselves, their role in the startup and also describe the startup itself: 

  • at what stage is it?
  • how did the idea of its creation come about?
  • what problem does it solve?
  • what is the technology of a startup?
  • the target audience?

and other interesting facts.

In order to become the hero of the project "100 startup stories of Kazakhstan", you need to register using the link. 

Recall that all participants of the international technopark of IT startups Astana Hub receive tax preferences. Preferences exempt participants from paying taxes such as CPN, VAT, VAT on imports of goods, royalty tax, IPN and social tax for non-residents. Such a measure of state support allows IT companies to reinvest the saved funds in the development of their projects.

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