Astana Hub presented a digital version of the technopark

The largest technopark of IT startups in Central Asia, Astana Hub, presented its digital version live: the platform where all large and small processes are automated, from accepting applications for participation in programs to filling out reports for technopark residents receiving tax and visa preferences.

In his welcoming speech, Minister of Digital Development and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bagdat Musin noted that over 3 years a community of more than 1,000 technology entrepreneurs and 507 participants of special tax and visa regimes has been formed in the technopark. Today, Astana Hub covers more than 12 million users and is the core of the startup industry and a center of opportunities for technology entrepreneurs of various levels. 

Digital Technopark — this is a single platform of online tools and communications for all participants of the IT industry in Kazakhstan. It is designed for a wide target audience, which includes students, freelancers, startups, IT companies, investors, corporations and government agencies. Each of them will find a solution to their questions here: from receiving the first order to attracting investments. The platform's ecosystem includes events, services, news, blog, vacancies, and IT initiatives. In addition, here you can remotely apply for residency in the technopark, register for any educational or business program, and the participant can submit a report without leaving home.


General Director of Astana Hub Magzhan Madiyev spoke about the interim results of the work, and also announced innovations in the development of domestic startup culture: educational programs, regional development, export opportunities for residents. 

By the autumn of this year, Astana Hub will launch a system of financing from 5 to 20 million tenge for startups at an early stage to help them grow to the next level. The program participants will receive expert support, which will reduce the risks of failure. The whole process will also be completely digital, including reporting.

Now Astana Hub is adapting to market demands and trends, expanding directions, and every year the tasks of the technopark, respectively, are transformed. Today, the anchor goal of Astana Hub is to develop the export potential of our technological products and achieve in this direction an indicator of $ 500 million by 2025. To date, startups have already attracted 34.5 billion tenge. The total income of the companies that have become members of the hub is 98.9 billion tenge.

In addition, the technopark is changing the approach to the formation of a critical mass of IT entrepreneurs. The current strategy of Astana Hub is being transformed in such a way as to develop precisely the human capital and digital skills of its potential audience and thus lay the foundation for the ecosystem. For example, if earlier Astana Hub conducted only two business programs for already formed startup projects - incubation and acceleration, which were passed by almost 500 people, now the technopark has launched several new educational programs not for projects, but for people, a kind of "new schools". For example, a graduate of the Beta Career professional skills development program, Akzhol Mederbekov got a remote job at a startup company in San Francisco as a business development manager. 

In general, more than 10,000 people have been trained at the technopark for 3 years, and 6,138 jobs have been created.

Since last year, the hub has started broadcasting its knowledge and experience to all regions of Kazakhstan, and now there are partners of the technopark in every city of Kazakhstan. This summer, Astana Hub will officially launch its office in Almaty to focus on developing the export of IT services. Now the Almaty team is working in a technical mode.

Background information about the work of the technopark 

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