A free leadership program for 10th graders in Kazakhstan has become available to students in the Kostanay region

After passing the qualifying round, children will acquire social leadership skills and gain knowledge enabling them to develop social projects from ideation to implementation as part of the Beginit by inDrive program. Finalists will receive valuable prizes and full grants for admission to the new innovative university, inVision U.

Students from the 10th grade are eligible to participate in Beginit by inDrive. This unique program is implemented in partnership with the international tech park Astana Hub and the regional Qostanai IT Hub. The training itself will take place at a camp located in the foothills of Almaty. During the training, children will meet peers from six regions of Kazakhstan and gain valuable insights from leaders in the creative industry and business. The opening of the innovative inVision U university in Almaty was first introduced to President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev by Arsen Tomsky, CEO of inDrive, during a plenary session of the Digital Bridge international forum.

"Dami Mnaidarov, the regional manager of Astana Hub in the Kostanay region, stated, "Qostanai IT Hub, in collaboration with inDrive, is opening new opportunities for youth development, specifically assisting students in the Kostanay region in realizing their potential as future social leaders who can create and present their own solutions to social problems not only in our region but possibly worldwide. Our task is to support, inspire, and guide young talents so that they can fully develop their professional and entrepreneurial potential."

During a press conference at the Regional Communication Service of the Kostanay region, it was announced that the social leadership program would consist of four stages: regional qualifying rounds, an educational module, a youth camp, and a project module. The top 20 participants will receive valuable prizes and full grants for admission to the innovative inVision U university.

"Today, we have presented our program in the third city of Kazakhstan. In each city, we have encountered a positive response and the desire of children to create something beneficial for their native region. In Taraz and Uralsk, the qualifying rounds were fiercely competitive, and in some cities across the country, we had to close the application process earlier than expected due to a high number of applicants. Kostanay is a city of bold and ambitious individuals. Many years ago, Ybyrai Altynsarin became a symbol for the entire country and continues to inspire us with his works and demonstrated leadership. We are searching for those who want and can become social leaders, capable of creating projects that will change the lives of thousands. I am confident that there are many such individuals in this city!" noted Erzain Kabdrashev, the project manager of Beginit by InDrive.

"This month, qualifying rounds have already taken place in the Zhambyl and West Kazakhstan regions. For inquiries about participating in the Beginit by inDrive program and the qualifying round, you can contact Erzain Kabdrashev at +7 705 343 06 12," added Kabdrashev.

Astana Hub is the largest IT startup tech park in Central Asia, established on November 6, 2018. Its activities focus on creating an ecosystem for IT businesses, preparing IT talents, and developing startup projects. Currently, 1,317 IT companies are participants in Astana Hub, with 365 of them having foreign involvement. They receive informational and educational support, material infrastructure, business development programs, and special tax and visa regimes.

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