More than 50 IT companies have prepared to enter foreign markets with the help of Astana Hub

For 5 weeks, startups, trackers and employees of Astana Hub identified markets for export and prepared scaling strategies. The most active participants had the opportunity to present the results of their work to potential investors. On May 23, 2022, the PreScalerator Demo Day took place.

PreScalerator is a pre—export accelerator aimed at the educational part and professional packaging of the project for scaling abroad. 53 startup projects from different fields participated in the program at the PMF stage.

Yesterday, the 16 best teams that achieved their goals and formed their scaling strategy performed at the final event, which became the logical conclusion of the program. Potential investors listened to the participants' pitches. Among them are representatives of JAS Ventures Almaty, the crowdfunding platform Venture Rocket Eurasia, the Swiss company Blackfort, the venture fund Quest Ventures, as well as business angels from CIS countries. 

In turn, the participants shared their personal results and impressions after passing PreScalerator.

— Each member of our team on the program took something for himself. For me personally, the most valuable thing that was on the program was the correction of the script. Conversion from cold calls increased from 5% to 20% in just 3 weeks! I am impressed with this result," Chingiz Dauletbayev, CEO and founder of the TrustContract startup, shares his emotions.

TrustContract is a service that allows you to sign contracts online via SMS quickly, safely and legally. The service solves such problems as: the need for physical presence when signing contracts; the high cost and delay in the process of signing contracts through courier services; costs and inconveniences of printing, accounting and storage of paper documents, etc.

Experts held tracking meetings, educational workshops, masterminds, board meetings and individual consultations. Startups learned how to analyze competitors and features of local potential, form a scaling strategy, and also received specific recommendations for working in the target foreign market.

— Initially, we positioned ourselves as a bulletin board. But in the process of building a business plan, we switched to a more advanced version and decided to build an ecosystem around the consumer," notes Abzal Azhimbekov, founder and CEO of the construction portal Stroika.KZ. The portal was created to unite all branches of construction and facilitate the tasks of finding and selling products.

Startups for the final presentation were selected based on feedback from expert trackers. The activity of the team throughout the program and the results of work on the tasks were taken into account.

— Our view on exports has turned upside down. Now we take into account many factors. When we passed the acceleration, we studied this issue much more deeply," emphasizes Vitaly Pustovoitenko, IT architect at e-Knot. - In addition, thanks to the program, we managed to reduce costs by 30% and increase conversion by 40%.

All Prescalerator participants will receive recommendations to participate in a full-fledged Scalerator scaling program. This program helps IT companies and startup projects enter new markets and sign contracts in other countries. However, some graduates of the predaxel can already boast of results at the international level.

For example, Telemenu has signed a contract with the first client from a foreign market — namely, from Costa Rica. The company's product is an e—com platform, a contactless digital menu that allows catering establishments to sell their goods, keep records of customers, save purchase history and conduct various marketing activities, and visitors can make an order without waiting for a waiter and arrange home delivery. 

SkillSat has achieved even greater success by expanding its geography to 4 countries: Great Britain, India, Russia and the USA. SkillSat is an educational kit with which students can assemble their own nanosatellite and launch it into the stratosphere.

By the way, last year, within the framework of the Scalerator 94 program, Kazakhstani IT companies signed contracts and agreements for $875 thousand and attracted investments for more than $ 300 thousand. This year, the technopark expects to achieve even greater results and help domestic technology entrepreneurs conquer markets around the world.

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