Decentra announces the launch of the first global blockchain engineering bootcamp, developed in collaboration with the leading global player - Bybit

Decentra, a talent growth ecosystem, has announced the launch of its 8-week intensive Blockchain Engineering Bootcamp supported by Bybit, starting on October 30, 2023. The bootcamp has been crafted to embrace and welcome participants from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of experience to transform individuals into certified specialists. This marks the first IT school in Kazakhstan to introduce a globally accessible bootcamp in collaboration with a major player in the IT industry. It offers an innovative approach to familiarizing individuals with the world of technology, providing an intensive and concise immersion experience in the field.

The upcoming bootcamp comes with an amazing twist – it's supported by the special partner - Bybit, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange! Bybit is all set to back every student on their journey into the world of blockchain technology and boosting their technical know-how.

The significant event announcement was showcased at Central Asia's most esteemed IT forum, Digital Bridge 2023. The event is organized by Astana Hub, the largest International Technopark in Central Asia, and a partner of Decentra.

Demand for blockchain technology related skills is disrupting the job market - over 300 job postings appear each week in a global labor market. Equipping individuals with blockchain skills through the Blockchain Engineering Bootcamp is a crucial step in gearing them up for the grand event – Decentrathon. It is the biggest multi-locational hackathon set to ignite in March 2024, spanning acroass 7 countries worldwide.

“In each of the six regions - North America, Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, and Latin America - we maintain a portfolio of over 1500 projects within our partner network, all of which are prepared to hire talent globally for remote positions. Our objective is to establish an educational infrastructure for individuals, even those with minimal prior knowledge, to receive intensive training in high-demand disciplines, including blockchain, AI, game development, project management, cybersecurity, and more. We offer industry-validated certifications and a unique tracking system, aiming to provide a distinctive educational journey.” - Aigerim Zharkyn, CEO at Decentra.

Ben Zhou, Bybit's co-founder and CEO, stated, "At Bybit, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to navigate the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. Our partnership exemplifies our commitment to fostering the next generation of blockchain developers. Bybit is excited to be part of this journey, where we can share our expertise and insights with participants, helping them explore the endless possibilities in blockchain and cryptocurrency."

 The bootcamp program offers several key features to enhance participants' learning experiences. These include dedicated mentorship and progress tracking for individual success. Participants can also engage in peer-to-peer learning through virtual study groups, fostering a collaborative community. Gamification elements allow participants to earn points and badges, adding a fun and competitive aspect to their educational journey. Successful completion results in industry-recognized certifications, solidifying their expertise.

Registration has started, and applications for participation in Decentracamps are being accepted until October 29, 2023. Interested individuals can visit the website to secure their enrollment and embark on a path toward a more promising future within the technology industry.


About Decentra

Decentra is a full circle talent growth ecosystem, including multi-venue hackathons, online coding bootcamps, and virtual job fairs, aimed at fostering talent growth in emerging fields such as AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, and game development.

About Bybit

Bybit is a top-five cryptocurrency exchange established in 2018 that offers a professional platform where crypto investors and traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, 24/7 customer service, and multilingual community support. Bybit is a proud partner of Formula One’s reigning Constructors’ and Drivers’ champions: the Oracle Red Bull Racing team.


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