Kazakh startups will help to achieve $500 million in IT services exports by 2025

Participants of the country's largest technopark Astana Hub have already earned 124 billion tenge in two and a half years and attracted 34.5 billion investments, grants and loans. At the same time, the export of IT services of Astana Hub residents by the end of 2020 and the first half of 2021 amounted to 36 billion tenge. Thanks to tax benefits, IT companies have saved 10.5 billion tenge.

As of September 2021, 539 IT companies are residents of the technopark, 47 of which are foreign. Astana Hub opens up new opportunities for bringing IT products to international markets with the help of financing, incubation and acceleration programs for startups, training of IT specialists and investors, as well as cooperation with large domestic and foreign BigTech companies. 

The Technopark has been creating unique conditions for participants for the third year in a row: tax preferences, development programs with free workspaces, as well as access to educational courses and projects. Foreign participants can also use a special visa regime for up to 5 years. All these events are aimed at realizing the goal set by the President of the country to train IT professionals and export IT services and IT products. 

Export acceleration of IT solutions has already been launched to promote domestic startups. There are also plans to attract a Plug'n'play accelerator from Silicon Valley to develop corporate innovations with the involvement of domestic companies and 20 graduate startups, launch a 5G center, and develop cloud solutions together with Yandex. The representation of products developed in Kazakhstan on the Huawei Mobile Services application platform is also growing.

To nurture IT personnel, the Tech Orda program has been launched in the technopark, thanks to which students of private IT schools receive cash grants for their studies. In the next five years, it is planned to support the training of 20 thousand IT specialists. On the basis of the technopark, there is also an Alem programming school based on the world-famous Ecole 42 model, in which training is conducted through the interaction of students with each other. 

This year, Astana Hub has also launched its own financing of IT startups at various stages. As part of the Seed Money program, it is planned to finance 35 startups. Each of the projects can receive up to 20 million tenge for development. 

We have a big task to develop the IT industry in Kazakhstan, which is why Astana Hub is open to Kazakhstani and foreign IT entrepreneurs. At any stage of development, an IT company can apply to the technopark and receive comprehensive project support, access to financing and investors, training to contribute to the domestic IT industry,” notes Magzhan Madiyev, CEO of Astana Hub.

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