The head of state took part in the international forum Digital Bridge 2023

In his speech, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted that over the past five years, the forum has become the largest platform in Central Asia for discussing the latest trends and prospects for the development of the IT industry. This year, Digital Bridge brought together over 20 thousand participants, representatives of more than 300 IT companies, delegations from 30 countries. The traditionally high interest in the event confirms Kazakhstan’s strong position as a leading digital and fintech hub in the Eurasian space. According to the President, the topic of today's forum is extremely relevant.

– Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction, but a reality. A new era is unfolding before our eyes. Artificial intelligence technology is as revolutionary as electricity and the Internet were in their time. It can radically change a person’s way of life, automate many work processes and create significant economic value. According to experts, the potential contribution of artificial intelligence to the global economy is comparable to a quarter of global GDP. The widespread use of this technology can become the most important factor in the progressive development of Kazakhstan, said the Head of State. 

In his opinion, for this it is necessary to create all conditions for the development of artificial intelligence as soon as possible. Speaking to the forum participants, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev outlined the key priorities of work in this direction.

 – It is necessary to adopt a strategic document defining the scope, tasks and tools for the development of AI. This is best international practice; such a step will allow us to set a sustainable vector for the country’s technological progress. I believe that first of all, we should focus on introducing artificial intelligence technologies in industries that are significant for our economy, such as the oil and gas sector, energy, agriculture, transport and logistics. Artificial  intelligence can significantly optimize the process of transforming our cities into full-fledged smart cities, favorable for living and working. The widespread use of artificial intelligence capabilities in the provision of public services is also of great importance. Here we have already achieved serious results. In particular, a “Digital Family Card” was launched, which allows you to determine the level of social well-being of citizens and proactively provide them with government support. A similar product should be introduced for businesses based on the Baiterek holding, which, on my instructions, has already begun a large-scale digital transformation,” the President emphasized. 

The head of state called the second priority the need to ensure regulatory regulation of artificial intelligence. According to him, to date more than 120 countries have already adopted various legislative acts to solve this problem.

– We should accelerate the development of a modern legal regulatory framework that will meet the best global practices and take into account both the needs of the market and the interests of citizens. It is necessary that legal conditions stimulate the entry of international companies into our market. To do this, it is necessary to maintain a balance of interests and create open and fair rules of the game. Overall, the challenge is to integrate artificial intelligence tools into people's daily lives without violating their rights and freedoms. I hope that the forum participants will be able to contribute to the development of basic documents regulating this area, including the draft Digital Code,” said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. 

The leader of Kazakhstan pointed out the importance of consistently strengthening digital infrastructure. He believes that advanced IT infrastructure is the basis for the future progress of the digital industry and, in particular, artificial intelligence.

– Its development should be ahead of the needs of IT developers. First of all, we need to increase our computing power. I instruct the Government to ensure the construction of data centers specializing in artificial intelligence within two years. For this, global players such as Amazon, Google, Mastercard and Citigroup may be involved. During a recent trip to New York, I met with the management of these companies, and appropriate agreements were reached,” said the Head of State.

He further called for the development of a data ecosystem for artificial intelligence. Big data, he says, is the “fuel” for artificial intelligence.


– Various solutions in this area have already been implemented in Kazakhstan. However, their potential has not been fully realized due to the lack of access to data sets available to government agencies. Here it is necessary to proceed from the “presumption of openness” of information. It is necessary to ensure free access to anonymized data through Smart Data Ukimet. I emphasize that all information must be anonymized and reliably protected. It is necessary to eliminate any risks of personal data leakage. In addition, the National Artificial Intelligence Platform is to be launched next year. It should combine data from the state and large businesses, ensure their relevance and accessibility. All these measures will allow our startups, using elements of artificial intelligence, to create completely new IT solutions that are in demand in Kazakhstan and throughout the world,” the President said. 

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev announced the upcoming reform of the Bureau of National Statistics, which should turn into a real digital agency.

– Comprehensive measures must be taken to organize statistical and other data, including the development of management policies and the definition of a target data architecture. This will become a basic condition for the state to make effective decisions,” the leader of Kazakhstan clarified. 

Another powerful driver for innovation should be the full rollout of the 5G network.

– Previously, the goal was to cover all regional centers with new generation cellular communications by 2027. However, with the rapid development of technology, we need to speed up, and seriously speed up. The government needs to complete this work ahead of schedule - before the end of 2025. Of course, the shift in deadlines should in no way affect the quality of the services provided. In addition, it is important to provide access to the Internet to residents of the most remote areas, using the capabilities of low-orbit satellite systems. The government should thoroughly consider this issue. If necessary, make changes to the legislation,” the Head of State emphasized. 

Another priority area is the adaptation of the education system to the needs of the future labor market. The President believes that the further development of automation and artificial intelligence will radically change the global structure of the workforce. Human work will transform and will require completely different skills. Therefore, new competencies of employees need to be developed from school. To solve the problem of the shortage of qualified teachers, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev proposed that the Government pilot launch an online platform for schoolchildren and students, through which they will learn to program.

– It is necessary to significantly update the content and methods of teaching Future teachers, doctors, agronomists, lawyers, and industry specialists must have basic knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence. Another important step will be the transformation of the Institute of Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence at Nazarbayev University into a full-fledged research institute. It should form an integral ecosystem, becoming a point of attraction for the best specialists and experts. The institute will include an R&D center working in close partnership with global and domestic leaders in the IT industry. At the same time, it is important that the Institute’s developments are commercialized and scaled properly,” the President said. 

Along with this, he noted the need to develop the venture capital market as the most important driving force of innovation and technological progress.

– It is important to attract international players to our venture market. We need their competencies and high-quality project expertise. Domestic institutional investors, including the national holding Baiterek, could become key partners. In addition, it is necessary to develop mechanisms and tools to ensure participation in venture funds of various financial institutions - second-tier banks, insurance companies, microfinance organizations and other players,” the Head of State indicated. 

According to him, the use of artificial intelligence opens up new horizons of opportunities for inclusive and sustainable development. Global competition in this area is gaining momentum.

– Kazakhstan should not remain aloof from these trends. This is the need of the hour. Therefore, we are now paying special attention to advanced technologies. For the progressive development of the industry, it is necessary to combine the efforts of domestic IT specialists, experts, scientists, and also use the potential of international partners. In addition, you should pay attention to another important issue. In the coming decades, we are likely to approach the point where machines surpass human intelligence. In other words, there may be a danger to humanity from artificial intelligence. There is no consensus in scientific circles about what this will lead to: the prosperity of humanity or the threat of its destruction? Therefore, intelligent control over artificial intelligence is especially important. For example, in the past, along with nuclear energy, atomic weapons were also created. This has led to the need to build a new paradigm of global security. This means that it is necessary to find a middle ground between technological progress and collective security,” said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. 

The leader of Kazakhstan told the forum participants about the deep modernization of the political system and the beginning of building an economy based on knowledge and new technologies.

– In a Just Kazakhstan, every citizen will have opportunities for full self-realization. We also focus on improving the welfare of the people. We aim to create the most comfortable environment for digital nomads, i.e., to come and work in Kazakhstan. strong IT specialists. We develop innovative entrepreneurship and creative industry. I believe that the global technological revolution can and should contribute to the progress of all states to create a more balanced and fair world. I am confident that the current forum will become an effective platform for discussing these topical issues and will act as a starting point for the implementation of promising projects,” the President summed up his speech. 

The plenary session of the forum was attended by venture investor, co-founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, founder of Draper University Tim Draper, TikTok CEO Shaw Chu, creator of the Digital Nomads community Aset Abdualiev, executive director of the ICPC fund William Poucher, SpaceX vice president for Starlink Lauren Dreyer, founder online services Arbuz, Aviata, Pinemelon USA and Ticketon Alexey Li. The session was moderated by screenwriter, producer, director of Barrat Media James Barrat.

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было очень интересно


Это очень здорово, когда президент посещает такие мероприятия, это выводит значения их на другой уровень и, как мы видим, даже дает новый шаг в развитие Казахстана!


Очень интересно видеть, как страна реагирует на вызовы цифровой эры и делает ставку на инновации. Развитие ИИ в нефтегазовом секторе, энергетике, сельском хозяйстве и других отраслях обещает значительные изменения.


У Казахстана есть все шансы стать крупным IT Хабом как в Центральной Азии, так и в Азии в целом. Главное чтобы государство не упустило отток кадров и оказывало полную поддержку.


Алга Цифровой Казахстан!