Kazakhstan Technologies Recognized as Best on the World Stage

The domestic startup TrustMe has entered the top ten technology companies following the Demo Day of the Hero Training program by Astana Hub in Silicon Valley. Venture investor Tim Draper has expressed interest in investing in this project.

A total of over 100 projects from 35 countries participated in the DraperU acceleration program. Out of 129 applications, 12 outstanding startups from Central Asia were selected and sent to Silicon Valley in the USA.

Kazakhstan's representatives underwent an intensive and inspiring business training organized by the globally renowned venture investor Tim Draper. Entrepreneurs from around the world spent four weeks learning from global technology experts. The program also included a "Survival Week" during which entrepreneurs lived away from civilization, slept in tents in sub-zero temperatures, swam in swampy lakes, bathed in the icy Pacific Ocean, shot various types of weapons, and procured food.

The program concluded with Demo Day, where the TrustMe team was recognized as an investment-attractive solution among the 100 startups participating in the program. According to Chingiz Dauletbaev, billionaire Tim Draper expressed interest in investing in TrustMe.

"We sent him a presentation. We hope that Tim Draper will become our investor because he fully shares our values," said Chingiz Dauletbaev, CEO of TrustMe.

The top ten startups also included a tumor diagnostics project in India, a Lebanese project revolutionizing orthodontics, medical projects in Canada and the Caribbean countries, as well as projects in Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Argentina.

The Kazakhstani project is an innovative solution for contract signing, fundamentally different from technologies used by global giants such as DocuSign, AdobeSign, and DropboxSign. According to the company's founder, Chingiz Dauletbaev, TrustMe programs contract conditions and eliminates the human factor.

Currently, over 800 companies in Kazakhstan use the TrustContract service. The startup company has opened offices in Uzbekistan and the USA and has already secured its first international clients.

Earlier, the TrustMe startup also secured the second position in the Asia-Pacific region, conceding to an artificial intelligence project in Pakistan.

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