The journey of Beksar startup: how Kazakhstani innovators crafted software from the ground up for complete store digitalization

Several years ago, Maksat Bektibayev, Bauyrzhan Sarsembayev, and Aidyn Temekov were expanding their store chains in Kazakhstan. The three individuals were brought together by a shared challenge: none of them could consolidate comprehensive data on income, expenses, and inventory balances in a single location. They experimented with different software solutions. However, when they grew weary of repeated setbacks, they took matters into their own hands and developed the software they required.

Their project is called Beksar. It helps to fully digitize the data of a retail outlet and collect all the necessary information in a laptop or phone. The services of the startup are used by more than 2.3 thousand stores all over Kazakhstan. And, of course, none of the founders of the company is going to stop there. How did the project start and what does the future hold? Read in the interview of Maksat and Aydyn on Digital Business as part of the project with Astana Hub "100 Startup Stories of Kazakhstan".

"For 2 years I tried to automate my chain of stores. And with this program I coped with it in just 4 days"

- What pain does your startup solve and at the expense of what?

Maksat: - Beksar automates small and medium-sized businesses. Mainly retail, i.e. stores. We ourselves have worked in trade for a long time: I built my network for 9 years, Bauyrzhan Sarsembayev for 5 years, Aydyn Temekov was also engaged in this sphere for many years and had a background in IT.

Our startup came out of pain. I had stores in 6 cities in Kazakhstan. I spent tens of millions of tenge on automating processes and accounting. In 2020, there was actually no solution that would really work for small and medium-sized businesses. Yes, there are systems like 1C, but they cover the needs only partially.

Maksat Bektibayev

- Please explain what you mean by automation.

Aydyn: - The work of any store consists of sales, cash register equipment, inventory, stock control, loyalty system and other important things. All of this should be in one application and accessible

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Интересно, какой функционал и возможности предоставляет Beksar для торговых точек и насколько успешно это решение уже используется в Казахстане.


Очень интересный старт, ребят только успехов на их пути