LEAP 2024: success of Kazakhstani startups at the international forum in Saudi Arabia

13 Kazakhstani startups participated and achieved significant results at the international forum LEAP 2024, one of the most visited tech forums in the world, annually gathering more than 170,000 participants from 183 countries in the capital of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh.

Startups presented their projects, held meetings with potential investors and partners, participated in pitching sessions and networking events, took part in a startup competition, and also made agreements with Arabic companies.

"Startup CodiPlay has successfully signed a memorandum of strategic partnership with Artificially Intelligent Learning Assistant (AILA), which opens up the opportunity to implement its product for developing IT literacy among children in 200 schools in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, CerebraAI was named the winner in the “AI awards” category at the Rocket Fuel Startup Pitch Competition event, receiving a prize of $150,000. It is important to note that this is only part of the information available to us at the moment. Many achievements and negotiations may remain undisclosed, but we expect to learn more about all successes soon," said Magzhan Madiyev, CEO of Astana Hub.

It is worth noting that the startup CodiPlay is one of the promising Kazakhstani EdTech startups for global expansion. In 2021, it received funding from Astana Hub under the Seed Money program. In 2023, investors invested $2 million in CodiPlay, of which $1.5 million were raised with the support of Kazakhstan's largest venture fund - Tumar Venture Fund. It is worth mentioning that Tumar Venture Fund was created as part of the "Stimulating Productive Innovations" project, implemented by the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and funded by the World Bank.

CerebraAI, a startup specializing in artificial intelligence and neuroradiology for stroke diagnosis, is also an active participant in attracting investments and successfully scaling in the international market. In 2021, the project received funding of $1 million from Freedom Holding Corp. Last year, the startup was recognized as one of the best global startups by TechCrunch in the USA and became a member of the prestigious StartX entrepreneurs club at Stanford University. CerebraAI, like CodiPlay, is a resident of Astana Hub and the AIFC.

Additionally, the best Kazakhstani startups were presented at the LEAP 2024 forum: ApartX - a SaaS for automating short-term apartment rentals, ZebraEye - an AI-software for diagnosing rare eye diseases, Trustme - a SaaS service for online document signing, which utilizes blockchain technology, Alaqan Technologies - a solution in the field of biometric identification using palm vein patterns, SET24 - engineering technology for unmanned trading, QALA AI - a startup specializing in UrbanTech and Smart City solutions, JobEscape - a platform that simplifies the process of learning new skills, Behype.me - an application for promoting and monetizing creators on social media, Photon - a system for automating construction processes, Sota - automation of video analysis of sports matches and training sessions, as well as Kwaaka - a cloud solution that simplifies online food ordering for restaurants and solves the "tablet chaos" problem.

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