Magzhan Madiev will represent Central Asia at the Google Summit

Magzhan Madiev, General Director of the Astana Hub International Technopark of IT startups, received an invitation from Google to the Google for Startups Summit as the Founding CEO of an IT hub in Kazakhstan.

Google for Startups Summit is a private forum of the Google for Startups accelerator program for leaders of IT ecosystems, which is held annually in Madrid. This year the forum will be held on June 28-29. Magzhan Madiev will be the only expert who will represent Central Asia and talk in detail about the creation of the Astana Hub in Kazakhstan.

Participation in the summit will allow you to establish connections with IT technology parks around the world, exchange experiences, and attract potential partners for new collaborations with Astana Hub. It is expected that over time this will expand opportunities for Kazakhstani IT startups and draw the attention of large IT companies to enter the Kazakhstani market. In addition, the event will explore new ideas to strengthen the collaboration of participants with Google.

The news about the invitation from Google Magzhan Madiev previously shared in Stories on Instagram. The head of Astana Hub also said that six years ago, while still a novice IT entrepreneur, he first met Google co-founder Sergey Brin in Silicon Valley.

After this meeting, he was so inspired by the idea of ​​developing an IT ecosystem that he decided to create a "small part" of Silicon Valley in his country. This is how the idea of ​​creating Astana Hub was born.

To date, Astana Hub unites 744 IT companies, 99 of which are with foreign participation. The IT technopark interacts with novice IT entrepreneurs, venture investors, IT companies, innovation experts from all over the world and provides comprehensive support to start-ups through business and educational programs.

Recall that earlier Astana Hub announced the launch of the first joint accelerator with Google for Startups - Silkway Accelerator for IT startups from Central Asia, Azerbaijan and Mongolia.

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