The Astana Hub international technology park for IT startups continues to register applications for participation in the international 5G incubation program.

Recall, that 5G incubation is a program for refining and testing new digital products using 5G technology. Startups developing new solutions in the field of AR/VR-technologies, VR platforms, as well as projects in the field of unmanned vehicles and machine vision, and others can take part in it.

The process of implementing the program is carried out in five stages. The first stage consists of reviewing applications and selecting projects. The main criterion for selection is the presence of a minimally viable product (MVP) or a finished product, the potential for using 5G with a description of the hypothesis of the technology application, as well as a development team with a specialist capable of finalizing the product. At this stage, the organizers are considering applications and conducting interviews with potential participants. The second stage consists of registration on the Techpreneurs platform and project diagnostics. At the third stage, the contract is signed, access to the Techpreneurs program and services is provided. At the fourth stage, startups are already granted access to the 5G program itself. At this stage, work is carried out on hypotheses, product testing using 5G technology and technical expertise. The preparation of hypotheses involves the development of product data, meetings with experts, master classes, and the creation of a plan for the development of a prototype. The final stage of registration of participation is accompanied by testing of the project (Demo Day) and demonstration in front of investors.

5G incubation is convenient when providing services that solve the tasks of B2C users using AR/VR technologies and holograms, for example, when broadcasting concerts in XR, cloud gaming, navigation and advertising. The program is also used to optimize production processes and organize labor safety using AR/VR, robotization of logistics, inspection of enterprise infrastructure, cargo delivery, inventory of warehouses and retail premises, as well as to control production processes, monitor the volume of construction work performed, etc. It is also important to note that 5G incubation provides solutions for remote control of production equipment or transport that require minimal response time to commands coming from the control center. For example, in the extraction of minerals, management of construction equipment and transportation of goods.

As part of the program, startups will have access to an extensive IT infrastructure, expert support, pilot sites with 5G, participation in industry events, access to coworking based on the technology park, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate the project to investors. You can apply for participation by following the link .

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